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Will lawsuit deter target-benefit plans?

As weak markets following the credit crisis of 2007-08 created huge pension deficits relating to future liabilities, both governments and employers began seeking alternatives to volatile defined-benefit pension obligations.

Focus: Will disclosure resolve shareholder concerns about payment?

The controversy over the future of director nominee compensation, a central feature of the 2013 proxy battle between JANA Partners LLC and Agrium Inc., may be boiling down to a disclosure issue.

Focus: Doubts remain about U.S. tax deal

Amid significant criticism, the intergovernmental agreement between Canada and the United States that exponentially expands the sharing of tax-related information between the two countries came into effect on July 1.

Focus: Benford’s law a key weapon for detecting fraud

A typical crime-fighting kit doesn’t usually include mathematical laws. But a nearly 75-year-old mathematical law has found a new life as a forensic tool for uncovering fraud and other financial misdeeds.

Focus: Are drones the next tool for private investigators?

When Inc. chief executive officer Jeff Bezos dramatically predicted on 60 Minutes that within a few years drones would be zigzagging across cities delivering packages, many people took notice.
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Focus: New CBA section focuses on children’s law

Children should be seen and not heard, according to the old adage, but not if you ask a group of Canadian Bar Association members who have formed a committee to give the country’s youth a legal voice.
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Focus: Lawyers excited about bitcoin opportunities

The world’s most cautious profession and the world’s most unpredictable digital currency make strange bedfellows, but the meteoric rise of bitcoin has lawyers across a wide variety of practice areas excited.

Focus: Ruling could leave transit projects in limbo

A decision earlier this year from Master Donald Short of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice suggests that contractors working on billions of dollars worth of municipal transportation projects in Ontario and possibly elsewhere in Canada could hold them up indefinitely if they don’t get paid on time.
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Focus: Toronto considering development permit system

In a bid to streamline the development process, Toronto city council is looking to implement a development permit system as an alternative to zoning.
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Focus: Equal shared parenting bill defeated

The latest attempt to bring the presumption of equal shared parenting to child custody matters in Canada has failed.
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Focus: Case a reminder about perils of dual agency

Real estate agents may at times act for both the buyer and the seller in a transaction, but if they’re not careful, their entire commission from the deal could be in jeopardy.
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Focus: Major increase in warrantless disclosures predicted

Privacy lawyers expect a “dramatic” increase in warrantless disclosures of personal information by Internet service providers if the latest proposed amendments to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act take hold.
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