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Editorial: Words matter

A Law Times column that ran this past week has engendered plenty of discussion.
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Speaker's Corner: Lawyers need to keep up with AI

For decades, novelists, scientists, mathematicians, futurists and science fiction enthusiasts have imagined what an automated society might look like. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is rapidly evolving, and the society we could only once imagine may be on the brink of becoming our new reality. 
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Editorial: Crisis looming

Let it be noted that I do not think technological upgrades are a panacea to all the challenges facing the legal profession. However, when I repeatedly hear about the surge of self-represented litigants and the many challenges facing people involved in family law disputes, I am concerned about the disconnect between the formal legal profession and the wider society the law is meant to serve.
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Speaker's Corner: Time for LSUC to change name

For decades, those of us who have come from away to live in Ontario have puzzled over a strange conundrum. Why isn’t the Law Society serving the residents of Ontario called the Law Society of Ontario?
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The Lawyer Therapist: The life of a family lawyer

Attack. Destroy. Emotional baggage. War.
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Editorial: Uh oh, LAO

When it came to light late last year that Legal Aid Ontario was facing a $26-million deficit, a review by Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi was promised.
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Speaker's Corner: Privacy needs better protection

According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, more than 90 per cent of Canadians have expressed some level of concern about the protection of their personal privacy.
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Editorial: Framework shifts

At times, there can be a tendency in journalism to add drama and flourish, as well as action phrases, to the written word.
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Speaker's Corner: The Charter, the great protector

Justice Ian Nordheimer’s recent decision in Ali v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 ONSC 2660 underlines the centrality of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in protecting underprivileged and marginalized members of our society. The Charter turns 35 years old this year, and while its history has not been without controversy, in both political and legal circles, Ali demonstrates the Charter’s continued ability to influence our jurisprudence.
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Editorial: Intervention early

A Law Times story this week describes a new study by the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice.
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Speaker's Corner: Sexual assault processes need new options

Despite many changes to the Criminal Code sexual assault provisions and training of judges and other actors, the legal system still has challenges when it comes to sexual assault.
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Editorial: Nudging SIU change

There was much food for thought in Justice Michael Tulloch’s recent report on three police oversight bodies in Ontario, particularly for lawyers.
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Law Times reports the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that a foster mother can be named a party in a child protection case, if it’s in the child’s best interests. Do you think recognizing foster parents will serve the best interests of children?
Yes, recognizing foster parents as parties in child protection cases will help improve the well-being of children.
No, this decision could cause implications resulting in the permanent abolishment of the child-parent relationship.