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Editorial: PTSD mainstreams

Thirteen years ago, a Canadian wrote a book that changed the lexicon about how people deal with trauma.

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Speaker's Corner: Lessons from Ashley’s death

This Oct. 19, it will be precisely one year since the federal Liberal government took office under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership. The date is also an anniversary of a more sombre kind. On Oct.19, 2007, 19-year-old Ashley Smith died in a segregation cell at Grand Valley Prison in the custody of Federal Corrections. The coincidence of these two anniversaries should prompt us to reflect on how far we still have to go toward improving the functions of the criminal justice and correctional systems, particularly as they are deployed in relation to girls.

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Speaker's Corner: Fantasy sports perfectly legal

The law of gaming in Canada is confusing and outdated. The Internet compounds the problem by offering a range of gaming opportunities unimagined when most Canadian gaming laws were created.  Some lawyers believe fantasy sport “betting” web sites are illegal.
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Editorial: Sea change

I recently saw a religious leader talk about how attitudes are changing to indigenous issues across Canada.
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Speaker's Corner: Embrace reconciliation in practice

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised a “new relationship” with the indigenous people of Canada.
Of all his pledges, perhaps the most important and compelling was the commitment to implement in full the 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission led by now-Senator Murray Sinclair.
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Editorial: Tackling racism

I once heard an expert compare racism in Canada to punching a marhsmallow. The point was that racism in Canada is not hard-edged but soft and hard to grab, as well as tricky to pin down. It’s stuck with me for more than a decade. A report by a Law Society of Upper Canada committee on challenges faced by racialized licensees speaks definitive truth to power.
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Speaker's Corner: Why the LPP should stay

As the legal profession continues to evolve and adapt to changing needs and as we search for highly qualified, diverse talent to add to the profession, the Law Practice Program provides employers like myself with a window into the future of legal training.
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Editorial: The bench speaks

Judges are often loath to speak to reporters. 
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Speaker's Corner: The reality of wind power contracts

Rural landowners who are approached to permit a wind turbine or turbines or associated equipment on their acreage badly need sophisticated legal advice on these complex agreements. 
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Editorial: Genetic legislation

Canadian voters have indicated, fairly consistently, that they like their economies stable and their health care socialized. As of late, they reward politicians who espouse values based on social fairness and cultural inclusivity, and punish those who come across as small-minded or protectionist.
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Speaker's Corner: Children hurt in divorce process

In litigation where custody or access to children is contested, courts are directed to canvass the views of the affected children, at least to the extent that the views can be ascertained. There are various means by which the voice of the child can be solicited. Each way has its relative advantages and disadvantages, but there are good reasons to proceed cautiously in this regard.
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Editorial: In this, they agree

The Ontario Bar Association’s new president, David Sterns, says he’ll be pushing for more digitizing of the courts. The good news is he may have a sympathetic ear from current Attorney General of Ontario Yasir Naqvi. 

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