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Editorial Obiter: And to all, a good year

Many people have decried 2016 as a year of the terrible and chaotic.
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Speaker's Corner: Rebalancing defamation law in an online age

The legal principles supporting freedom of expression are important to Canadians. That said, these principles have their limits. In a digital age, the laws around defamation have struggled to keep up.
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Editorial: Activist campuses

All too often, academics are derided as being denizens of ivory towers and university campuses their playgrounds. But that old chestnut is not especially true today at campuses and law schools.
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Speaker's Corner: Time to challenge counterterrorism programs

United States president-elect Donald Trump’s Islamophobia-fuelled ascendancy is a chilling reminder for Canadian lawyers to review our own government’s assumptions about terror, especially in relation to Bill C-51.
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Editorial: HIV and the law

Law Times has an exclusive story this week about how the Divisional Court has ordered the Ministry of the Attorney General to release a set of draft guidelines for prosecuting HIV non-disclosure cases.
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Labour Pains: Punitive damages in just cause dismissals

A dismissal for just cause is a matter of substance, not form. An unsubstantiated allegation of cause could result in punitive damages for corporate employers.
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Editorial: A different world

It is amazing how significant the election of a new United States president has been north of the border.
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The Lawyer Therapist: Coping with anxiety after the U.S. election

Something’s in the air. It’s kinetic, insecure and unnerving. You can feel it in talking to people in your office, watching usually funny late-night TV shows that now seem like wakes or just taking in the looks on people’s faces as you walk past them on the street. Something’s in the air. 
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Speaker's Corner: Changes mean burdens for business?

On Dec. 10, 2015, the Ontario legislature passed the Budget Measures Act, 2015, which enacted a number of new statutes, including the Forfeited Corporate Property Act, 2015.
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Editorial: Bill 132 aftermath

In this edition of Law Times, Michael McKiernan has written a feature exploring how small businesses are creating workplace investigation strategies to avoid being overwhelmed by the requirements of new sexual harassment legislation. 
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The Hill: Canada, the good

When the new Liberal government decided a year ago to throw wide open the doors to 25,000 Syrian refugees and settle them as residents of Canada, many of our country’s lawyers decided they, too, should respond to the call of humanity.
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Editorial: LPP rescued

Cancelling programs is never a popular move.
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