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Editorial: Some good gender insight

You hear it anecdotally; at least I do: the stories of dedicated lawyers burnt out by unpaid bills and unstable incomes, and struggling with building their own practice with a life outside of work. More often than not, these are stories told to me by women.
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Speaker's Corner: End segregation, says Ontario Human Rights Commission

In 2007, Ashley Smith died in federal custody in Kitchener, Ont., after spending extended periods of time in segregation (or solitary confinement). In 2010, Edward Snowshoe died by suicide while in custody in Edmonton, Alta., after spending 162 days in segregation. These cases have become emblematic of the incredible problems with the continued use of segregation in prisons.
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Editorial: Personal e-mail doesn’t exist

We all scratch our heads when it comes to social media and electronic communications. How could someone intelligent and self-aware use their work device for clearly inappropriate messages?
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Speaker's Corner: Ontario needs human trafficking legislation

Last December’s report from the Ontario Legislature’s Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Workplace Harassment identified the province as a major hub for human trafficking. Through the testimony of experts and survivors, the committee learned that 90 per cent of sex trafficking victims, predominantly female, are Canadian born. They come from communities across Ontario, from every cultural and socio-economic background. They are the girls next door.
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The Lawyer Therapist: Can I help a colleague with depression?

In the course of our careers, co-worker relationships can become some of the closest connections we may have in life.
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Editorial: A pardon for the worthy?

Law Times reports this week that a disbarred lawyer will have a chance at a pardon for his criminal fraud convictions after a Federal Court judge ruled the Parole Board of Canada acted unreasonably in denying him one. Context, in this case, is everything.
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The Hill: In politics, sometimes those who wait reap rewards

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could be headed for a mess of problems because of a Supreme Court decision last year on assisted dying for the medically incurable. Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) came down in February 2015. That’s even before Trudeau came to power.
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Speakers Corner: Improving access laudable, but focus on real solutions

Improving access is a phrase you’ll hear bandied about a lot.
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That's History: As electoral reform looms, some lessons from the past

The Liberals’ talk of electoral reform has led to questions about the process to be followed before any such change is adopted. So far, the Trudeau government has opposed holding a referendum on any new proposal, while the Conservatives have declared one must be held to legitimate such an important change.
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Speakers Corner: Refugee crisis brings legal community together; reminds us of what’s possible

On a Wednesday evening in late September, I found myself among a motley crew of Ottawa lawyers. From seasoned big-firm litigators to sole practitioners fresh out of law school, the room at City Hall was packed. We had gathered for a training session on the basics of preparing refugee resettlement applications.
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Editorial: Public perception matters

With us law is nothing unless close behind it stands a warm, living public opinion. Let that die or grow indifferent, and statutes are waste paper, lacking all executive force.
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Speakers Corner: Disclosure methods for traffic cases need modernizing

Do you defend traffic cases? Are you planning to challenge a parking ticket? If you or your clients drive in the City of Toronto, you may encounter serious inconvenience.  
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