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The Hill: Old Federal Court plans new again?

They’ve been talking about building a beautiful Federal Court building in Ottawa for almost a century — since 1920 to be exact. Meanwhile, the federal government continues to pay rent on private commercial office space year after year.
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Editorial: Pay equity problems

Law Times reports that three Legal Aid Ontario lawyers have filed a pay equity gap complaint to Ontario’s Pay Equity Commission, based on the fact that legal aid lawyers are mostly female.
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Speaker's Corner: Police need more training on non-lethal force

Recently, it took just four minutes for David Orazietti, Ontario’s Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, to announce changes that will fundamentally affect law and order across the province.
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Inside Queen's Park: Ontario looking to jump into the digital age

Wanted: tech guru to transform massive organization rooted in the 1980s with bold leadership initiatives, innovation, and improved user experience. Salary: $200,000-plus a year.
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Focus: Cybersecurity lawyers defend against attacks

As Canadian businesses beef up their defences against cyberattack, some of the country's biggest law firms are growing their own cybersecurity teams in an attempt to match client demand.
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Editorial: Diversity matters

There are a few unshakeable buzzwords you hear frequently when you enter legal journalism. But then, there are others that are so much more than a buzzword, and more about an ethos.
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Speaker's Corner: Terrorism means foreign states liable in Canada

As the boundaries between state action and commercial markets continue to blur, Canadian statutes and courts are keeping with the times.
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The Hill: Mental illness behind bars

Our prisons are filling up with inmates with mental illness problems.
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Editorial: Sunlight needed

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”
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Speaker's Corner: Energy conservation: Let’s get serious

After 40 years practicing law, I have just submitted my first report as your Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, called “Conservation: Let’s Get Serious.”
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Editorial: Careful, Groia

There is no instance of a nation having benefited from prolonged warfare. So sayeth Sun Tzu, the author of the 5th-Century-BC classic The Art of War
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Editorial: Baffling reasoning

These are the only words for details that emerged in the recent Ontario Superior Court case R. v. Richards. In the case, Justice Casey Hill rightfully set aside Brandon Richards’ conviction for simple possession, stemming from a 2014 traffic stop by police. An officer had stopped Richards in his vehicle after he pulled out of a Guelph strip club one night and noticed the strong scent of pot.
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