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CLA scores legal victory in 1998 case

The Criminal Lawyers Association has scored a victory in a long legal battle with the provincial government over the release of parts of a report that detailed police conduct in a 1998 murder investigation.
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Will changes mean more work for lawyers?

Lawyers say proposed amendments to the Construction Lien Act to use adjudication in construction disputes could create more work for lawyers.
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Genetic discrimination bill faces tough test

While a bill to ensure genetic privacy rights may have passed the House of Commons on a unanimous vote at second reading, opposition members of Parliament are concerned that the government plans to gut the bill at committee after the government raised concerns over its constitutionality during debate.
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Law Practice Program lives to see another two years

The Law Society of Upper Canada has extended the Law Practice Program for two more years.
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Discrimination decision muddies waters

Lawyers say a recent Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision has turned the test used to determine family status discrimination on its head.
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Challenge to hinge on pardon waiting period

An increase in waiting periods to apply for a pardon of a criminal conviction that was enacted by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper is facing a court challenge on the grounds that the changes violate the Charter of Rights.
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Judge has strong words for jury trials in civil cases

The commentary of a judge in a recent Superior Court decision has reignited a long-standing debate on the use of civil juries in personal injury matters.
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Legal clinic scores victory in ticket appeals

A Toronto legal clinic has scored what it says is a significant victory in its pursuit of fighting mountains of tickets and fines homeless people rack up in Safe Streets Act violations.
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LSUC committee reverses position on LPP

A Law Society of Upper Canada committee has reversed its position to end the Law Practice Program.
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New judges announced, but more needed

Ottawa — When the federal government announced that it was filling 24 judicial vacancies on Oct. 20, it only filled about a third of the vacancies across the country.

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Addressing tech divide improves access to justice

Patricia Hughes would like legal service providers looking for speedy ways to implement technology to slow down and consider those who might be left behind by such advances. 

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Crown’s cross-examination leads to retrial

The Court of Appeal has granted a retrial to a man accused of committing sexual interference against his stepdaughter because of an “ill-advised” cross-examination by a London, Ont. Crown attorney.

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