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Lawyer says judicial appointments process unfair

WINDSOR — Criminal lawyer Greg Goulin has gone public with his concerns about the province's Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee. He charges that the way he was interviewed for a judicial appointment before the committee was "unfair" and that its process generally bodes ill for those seeking appointments to the bench and could even harm the administration of justice.

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Family law will never be the same

Family Practice

No one working in the field of family law could fail to note with sadness the recent passing of Prof. James McLeod. It will be what lawyers and judges all talk about to each other. Prof. McLeod, known to everyone as Jay, died too early at 57.

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Focus On - Copyright reforms ongoing but not wholly satisfactory

In June, Parliament introduced bill C-60, which contains proposed amendments to the Copyright Act. The bill is one step in an ongoing series of reforms to Canada's copyright protection scheme.

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Tipping offence compared to fraud

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is comparing the "tipping" offences of Andrew Rankin to multi-million-dollar investment and health-care frauds and even multiple armed robberies, in arguing the former investment banker should receive a penitentiary sentence.

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Benchers finally approve pay plan

Law Society of Upper Canada benchers voted last month to pay themselves for the first time in the society's long history.

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Focus On - Companies must give auditors documents

Releasing documents to auditors is not a complete waiver of solicitor-client privilege, according to the Ontario Divisional Court.

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ICJ president lauds Canada&#39s international contributions

The International Law Association and The Advocates' Society kick-started the countdown to the association's upcoming conference with a special address from Judge Shi Jiuyong, president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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Crime in the streets

After a big loss on same-sex marriage last spring, the Conservatives are hoping for a comeback with crime as their new issue to clobber the Liberals with in the fall session of the Commons.

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A trial like no other

Toronto litigator Ronald Manes says sometimes there are opportunities that come along in your career that are important enough to make sacrifices for.

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Managing a large firm is a full-time job

HALIFAX — Managing a large law firm is a full-time job. The trouble is, too few lawyers have the time, training, or desire to do it effectively.

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New Orleans law student gets a boost from Western

It's been less than a month, but New Orleans' Tulane University law school student Adam Dunlop has made himself at home at the University of Western Ontario in order to complete his third year of law school.

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True harmonization remains elusive

You may not have heard of National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions (NI 45-106), but if you or your clients want to raise money by selling securities in Canada, you should get to know it well.

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