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Debate heats up on paralegals in family law

The contentious debate as to whether paralegals should be allowed to practise in some aspects of family law is simmering while the Law Society of Upper Canada figures out a way forward on the issue.
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OCA rules on search and seizure

Criminal defence lawyers say a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision has important implications for the law of search and seizure and when a spouse can waive the privacy rights of an accused person in a jointly owned residence.
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LAO seeks funding to fill budget gap

Ontario lawyers say they are concerned more cuts could be on the horizon for Legal Aid Ontario if it does not get further funding from the federal government to plug its deficit.
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New security screening at federal courts

The federal government has tightened security at federal courts in an effort to improve safety.
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Ruling impacts defence scheduling post-Jordan

The unavailability of a defence lawyer because of scheduling issues will not necessarily count against an accused in assessing whether the right to a trial in a reasonable time has been breached, a Superior Court judge in Cornwall has ruled.
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Decision brings clarity to Limitations Act

Lawyers say a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision shows that courts are not going to take a rigid view of when litigation is an appropriate means to remedy an injury or loss in professional negligence cases.
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LSUC approves sliding cap for referral fees

Lawyers say that while new changes to the rules around referral fees will likely bring increased transparency and clarity to the referral process, it remains to be seen how the new rules will be enforced.  
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OCA allows lawsuit against union to proceed

The Ontario Court of Appeal has allowed a plaintiff’s lawsuit against a union to go forward despite the fact she applied to correct a procedural error after the limitation period — a decision that a dissenting judge said will inject uncertainty into the law.
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Judge slams exclusion clauses as unfair

In a rare decision, an Ontario judge declined to award costs to an insurance company after dismissing a claim against it.
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Court rules on certification during insolvency

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision allowed a union to bring a certification application in the middle of an employer’s insolvency proceedings, which the dissenting judge on the decision said could result in a “sea change” in insolvency law.
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New laws may spur more arbitration in Ontario

While lawyers say new legislation will likely promote Ontario as a hub for international commercial arbitration, there are still practical barriers when it comes to attracting the international business community to arbitrate in the province.
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Genetic privacy bill to go to Supreme Court

The federal Liberal government has signalled that it will be referring a public bill by the Senate on genetic privacy directly to the Supreme Court of Canada once it has been given royal assent.  
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