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Law firm valuations in flux

As the profession evolves at an ever more rapid pace, experts are mulling the impact of change on the value of legal practices.

New group forms to oppose Toronto legal clinic mergers

Opposition to a proposal to replace 16 legal clinics in the Greater Toronto Area with three larger centres is gathering steam with local politicians expressing their concerns and a new group emerging to rally resistance to the idea.
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Heenan facing flurry of lawsuits

Toronto lawyer representing former legal assistants at Heenan Blaikie LLP in their wrongful dismissal claims against the defunct law firm says her clients are struggling to get by after their sudden termination this year.

Judge steps into role of soccer referee

A Divisional Court judge found himself quite literally in the role of a referee when he decided the winner of a recent under 16 Ontario Cup soccer match.
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More LAO improvements coming as family services boosted

Legal Aid Ontario has more than doubled the number of hours family lawyers can spend on child protection proceedings and more good news is coming with the provincial government expected to make an announcement soon about expanded eligibility for legal aid.

Bar divided over CBA withdrawal

Even with the Canadian Bar Association dropping its planned intervention in the Chevron Corp. matter at the Supreme Court of Canada, the question around the appropriateness of its initial plan remains divisive with some lawyers celebrating the last-minute withdrawal while others say it would have been helpful if it had continued with the case.

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Exchange of confidential info needed for conflict: judge

The appearance of conflicts of interest may be common in small towns where lawyers know everyone, but as an Ontario Superior Court judge found, the test for conflict is the same everywhere.
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Wrongful Conviction Day

The first Wrongful Conviction Day was held Oct. 2 by The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted. Speaker Tim Moore, a cognitive psychologist and professor at York University, spoke about the Reid technique, an interrogative style used by the police that can lead to false confessions.

MAG work ‘unsatisfactory,’ says NDP critic

The Ministry of the Attorney General is doing unsatisfactory work, which is reflected in the “significant negative impact” of the Justice on Target program, according to New Democratic Party MPP and MAG critic Jagmeet Singh.
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Charge in Costco death raises interesting legal questions

There’s an interesting criminal law question in a new charge police have added against the driver involved in a horrific London, Ont., crash that claimed the life of a young girl and, days later, that of her newborn sister.
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Condo buyers seeking rule changes for lawyers

Carrying a sign that reads “law society shame,” purchasers of Toronto condominium units who lost their deposit funds held a protest last week to demand more protections for client funds in lawyers’ trust accounts.
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Members leave CBA over Chevron case

Some members of the Canadian Bar Association are considering giving up their memberships after the organization decided to act as a neutral intervenor in Chevron Corp.’s upcoming legal battle against the indigenous Mayan people of Ecuador at the Supreme Court of Canada.
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