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After its inaugural campaign last year, Flip Your Wig has returned as legal organizations aim to raise awareness about access to justice. At last week's launch of the campaign, reporter Mallory Hendry talked to some of the lawyers, about why they're donning wigs for the justice cause.
This January marks exactly 25 years since we began publishing. After a year of celebrating our 25th year, Law Times and Canadian Lawyer editor-in-chief Gail Cohen takes a look back at some of the big stories during her time as a reporter and editor at the paper and how the business of legal journalism has changed.
As Law Times celebrates its 25th year of publishing, we talk to founding editor Jim Middlemiss about the paper's early years and some of the big stories that helped it make an early mark.
October 2nd marked the first annual Wrongful Conviction Day by the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted. Kabeer Sethi spoke with the organizers of the event including Ron Dalton, president of AIDWYC and the victims of wrongful conviction about the need to address this issue worldwide.
This November, the Law Society will put on a special call to the bar ceremony for about 60 law students killed during the First World War. Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP partner Patrick Shea talks about why he undertook the project to honour those who never became lawyers.
John Tory isn't the only lawyer in the race to be Toronto's next mayor. Although he's far from being a leading candidate in the race against Rob Ford, Ari Goldkind showed his wit at a campaign event last week when he declared: "I'd rather see a lawyer running for mayor than a mayor running to his lawyer." He tells Law Times' Yamri Taddese why he's running for the city's top municipal job.
While he was most memorable as finance minister, Jim Flaherty was also a prominent lawyer and, of course, Ontario's attorney general. With coverage from Flaherty's state funeral last week, reporter Yamri Taddese also talks to his former law partner about his career as a lawyer.
For a snippet of this week's stories, check out the Ontario Legal News Update.
For a snippet of this week's stories, check out the Ontario Legal News Update.
For a snippet of this week's stories, check out the Ontario Legal News Update.
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Law Times reports the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that a foster mother can be named a party in a child protection case, if it’s in the child’s best interests. Do you think recognizing foster parents will serve the best interests of children?
Yes, recognizing foster parents as parties in child protection cases will help improve the well-being of children.
No, this decision could cause implications resulting in the permanent abolishment of the child-parent relationship.